The Learning Developer's Podcast

We talk about everything from interview tactics, mindset tips, sticking to projects and more. We want to remove as much doubt from the ecosystem as possible and make you the most efficient, happy and practical developer you can be.

  • Benjamin Ha: MetaPlug CEO talks about how social media presence can boost your development journey

    In this episode, Ben talks to us about how using Instagram and other platforms can allow you to build micro communities that look good to employers, give you a side income and be able to bring value to people who in your industry that you want to reach.

  • Andrew Brown: CEO's Tips on Accelerating Your Career, Job Market Trends, Startup Mistakes and more

    Andrew Brown, CEO of and seasoned developer joins us to talk about left-field tips for accelerating your career as a developer, some future job-market trends, mistakes to avoid making when running a startup, and we get into a bunch of stories that we hope will bring you loads of value and insight.

  • Adam Barker: University Alternatives, Hireable Attributes, Making Career Jumps and Developer Mistakes

    Adam Barker is the co-founder of Union Realtime (Radius+), a data-analytics startup in NYC. We get into tons of valuable topics from more efficient alternatives to university, attributes that make you hire-able as a developer, how to go take the next step in your career and some of the worst mistakes we can remember making as developers!

  • Simon Rogers: Switching languages, bad managers, portfolio tips & much more

    Simon Rogers, full-stack developer of 15 years joins us to talk about his journey into development, what it's like to switch languages half way through your career, how to effectively take criticism, build a strong open source presence and tons more in this episode.

  • The Exact Path From Beginner to Paid Front-end Web Developer

    Are you trying to break into the tech industry? Is front-end web development something you'd consider as a career? We break down the exact path in this episode of The Learning Developer's Podcast.

  • George Hanson: Why Computer Science is Irrelevant & the #1 Tactic for Getting Hired

    George joins us to talk about how he got into the industry 6 years ago and what he struggled with as a beginner. We talk about the #1 tactic you need to adopt if you want to get hired & why a computer science has become irrelevant in 2019.

  • How to ace your tech interview and stay motivated on side projects

    Let's talk about some specific things you can do to shine in your next interview, and actionable tips to stick to your next side project (for the long term!)